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An innovative company highly specialized

A3S was founded in 2015 although our researches started in 2009. We now have a multidisciplinary team composed of several highly specialized professionals in our line of business. Together, we developed UmanProtek, a technology unique in the world! The aim of this technology is to limit or eliminate the risk of viral or bacterial disease transmission through our pending patented (CA 2909198) self-disinfecting biocidal treatment.

Fight infections with a revolutionary technology

Through its innovative solutions in anodized aluminum, but especially through its revolutionary technology, A3S is offering to the entire world a selection of proven products that reduce infectious diseases spread. We believe that the better way to succeed is by attacking directly the problem at its source. At A3S, your issue in sterilization will not be taken lightly. We will offer you some products which will fulfill your expectations and will protect your health and the health of the people around you. If we don’t have the required product, we will create it for you. When we are working with a client, we quickly become partners who share one objective: health!

Why A3S?

The best technology of biocidal surfaces treatment to limit or to eliminate the risks of bacterial and viral disease transmission.
Resistant, robust, effective, and easy-to-clean antibacterial products with many possible uses.
An experienced and professional team concerned about offering a strict management project for its clients. Your satisfaction is our priority!
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