4 divisions

1 antimicrobial-products

Proprietary products

Proprietary products A3S are offering biocidal and antibacterial protection from UmanProtek technology.

2 antimicrobial-treatments

Subcontracting, antimicrobial treatment

Treatment service of your own parts with UmanProtek technology to make it biocidal and antibacterial.

3 antimicrobial-technologies

Licensing application A3 Surfaces technologies

Access to A3S - UmanProtek technology in your own production unit, on your proprietary products.

4 special-projects

Special projects (anodization, etc.)

Prime quality and effective anodization service for your aluminum parts.

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You are leading a laboratory, a hospital, a school or a restaurant? You are in charge of the sterilization of an agro-business establishment? Our economic and effective solutions will protect your team and your clients’ health!

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    YesNo InteriorExterior BiocidalClearHardColor Type 2 Clear 0,01MM to 0,02MMType 3 Hard 0,050MM to 0,100MM Class 1 without colorationClass 2 with coloration YesNo YesNo

    According to the standard : Standard MIL-A-8625-F :

    Please note that if the part is damaged or scratched, its imperfections will be reinforced with the anodization. For more information, contact Martin Lambert at 418-290-1081 or by email [email protected]

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