This product is currently being assessed for registration under the Pest Control Products Act.
It cannot be manufactured, imported, distributed, or used in Canada at this time, unless explicit authorization has been obtained from Health Canada to use this product for the purpose of conducting research under the Pest Control Products Regulations.

4 divisions

1 antimicrobial-products

Proprietary products

Proprietary products A3S are offering biocidal and antibacterial protection from UmanProtek technology.

2 antimicrobial-treatments

Subcontracting, antimicrobial treatment

Treatment service of your own parts with UmanProtek technology to make it biocidal and antibacterial.

3 antimicrobial-technologies

Licensing application A3 Surfaces technologies

Access to A3S - UmanProtek technology in your own production unit, on your proprietary products.

4 special-projects

Special projects (anodization, etc.)

Prime quality and effective anodization service for your aluminum parts.

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You are leading a laboratory, a hospital, a school or a restaurant? You are in charge of the sterilization of an agro-business establishment? Our economic and effective solutions will protect your team and your clients’ health!

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    YesNo InteriorExterior BiocidalClearHardColor Type 2 Clear 0,01MM to 0,02MMType 3 Hard 0,050MM to 0,100MM Class 1 without colorationClass 2 with coloration YesNo YesNo

    According to the standard : Standard MIL-A-8625-F :

    Please note that if the part is damaged or scratched, its imperfections will be reinforced with the anodization. For more information, contact Martin Lambert at 418-290-1081 or by email

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