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Medical / Health

Is there an area to which sterilization is more essential than in health care? Operative units, white rooms, ventilation ducts, door handles, faucets, medical accessories and more are surfaces that need to be sanitized over and over. Despite all the efforts, unfortunately, nosocomial infections maintain an alarming prevalence in the population. A3S solutions are a direct response to this issue.

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Vaccination campaigns demonstrate some good results, but however effective they may be, they do not solve everything. For instance, let's take a look at gastroenteritis outbreak in a daycare or in school: the establishments’ occupants would have been less sick if all furniture, plates and other objects had been treated with A3S technologies.

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Commercial / industrial

A lot of people are working in office towers and factories, therefore severe public health issues may occur. Most of those buildings have a ventilation towers system. Consequently, they become vulnerable to legionellosis outbreaks. Cleaning and maintenance of those systems are complex, very long and extremely expensive. A3S biocidal treatment is an effective, economical, durable and long term solution.

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Anyone who is working in agribusiness knows that a good reputation is a long term achievement and it is easily lost. Cleanliness and handwashing are essential however, despite all of these precautions, unfortunately, costly human mistakes happen. Imagine if all your tools, your furniture and your ventilation system were totally “self-disinfecting”! That is what A3S is offering you!

Why choose A3S?

Products and bacteriostatic surfaces are usually only stopping bacterias’ spread therefore, they imply more efforts in terms of human and financial resources since they need to be clean in a more sustained way. Moreover, they provide a substandard performance compared to our technology. In fact, UmanProtek allows the surface to become biocidal which is self-disinfecting. In short, in only a few seconds, it eliminates bacterias and viruses!

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Trust in A3S and its UmanProtek technologies which are all guaranteeing effective and durable results in terms of active sterilization. Disinfect less, make your vector surfaces antimicrobial and devote your energy to what really matters.

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