Supermarkets and shopping centres

Optimize the shopping experience of your customers by implementing our antimicrobial products into your spaces. Supermarkets, restaurants, furniture stores, hardware stores and shopping centres all have surfaces that are prone to cross-contamination. The combination of our range of turn-key products and our tailor-made services will allow you to adapt your services with increased safety.

Superior consumer experience

Using A3S antimicrobial products will instill confidence and a sense of trust with your clientele. By implementing good prevention practices, you’ll show the users of your spaces that their health and safety is your priority, thus building a foundation of trust that will last the test of time.

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A3S technology is versatile and is perfect for non-standard industrial projects, in addition to the opportunity of a specialized anodizing service.



Our solutions include excellent opportunities for a variety of establishments in the health sector, which include hospital complexes, senior living establishments or specialized private clinics.