Combatting propagation by revolutionary means

The A3S team firmly believes: Prevention is better than cure. Our self-disinfecting antimicrobial aluminum treats the problem at the source by limiting the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses through cross-contamination.

Our four-step process is defined through a specialized anodizing process that prepares the aluminum’s surface and creates nanostructures, a step that prepares the aluminum surface to receive the antimicrobial treatment. The biocidal agent’s active ingredients are added and provide the aluminum surface with its self-disinfecting antimicrobial properties.

A3S technology is patent pending and is under evaluation for approval in Canada and the United States. Our technology is currently approved in the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom for sales and use.

Surface preparation

Initially, the surface of the object to be treated is cleaned to prevent any unwanted substances. It's then deoxidized and pickled to create a uniform surface for anodization.


The aluminum object is immersed in a pool of electrolytes, which allows microscopic pores to form on its surface.

Incorporating antimicrobial substances

Antimicrobial substances are added to the nanostructured aluminum oxide surface and bind to the micropores.


The object's surface is sealed to ensure its resistance and durability.

A versatile treatment

The A3S antimicrobial treatment is suitable for all aluminum surfaces that are repeatedly touched by a large number of individuals in limited areas. A3S antimicrobial technology puts a stop to cross-contamination by eliminating 99.9% of typical bacteria and viruses found on targeted surfaces.

Continuous Effect

A3S self-disinfecting antimicrobial aluminum is a long-term solution. Our technology adds superior efficiency and durability to products. This continuous effect creates considerable savings, since the treatment’s biocidal properties make it a beneficial substitute when compared to standard cleaning products.

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