Continuous protection for optimal safety

A3S products can revolutionize the world of transport. Our solutions provide continuous antimicrobial protection perfect for high traffic areas. Our products’ durability will enable you to reduce your surface maintenance costs without neglecting the safety of your users.

Cross-sectoral impact

Our solutions are adapted to the realities of land, air and sea transport. Ramps, vertical grab bars and grab handles are all transit essentials that can be enhanced with A3S technology. Our expertise continues at the marine level with the adaptation of common and individual areas. A3S antimicrobial treatment can also be used for kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, hallways and other architectural hardware. As for air transport, for which we can create specialized equipment, our solutions are perfect for the reality of aviation companies, in addition to government and private aerospace agencies.

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Architectural hardware

Our antimicrobial technology offers an effective and long-lasting protection to customers and employees of educational establishments, in addition to government and commercial buildings.



The use of A3S products will improve the customer experience by reducing cross-contamination in supermarkets and other commercial spaces.